What to do with your newly built pc

What’s the first thing that inspired you to build your PC? Did you want to play the games in the highest quality, unhindered by framerate restrictions? What about editing videos and audio without worrying about crashes or being on time? No matter the reason, you finally have it. Your ultimate PC. So, now what?

With a great PC comes great responsibility. You need to care for your hardware and software to keep everything running smoothly. But that’s the boring stuff. We’re here to talk about what’s capable of your new computer.

Try out new games

If this is your first time owning a PC, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Anything your console could run your computer will run better. Plus, you can browse Reddit while doing it. You can jump into games like League of Legends and World of Warcraft, PC exclusive games with enormous communities. There are plenty of games with cross-platform capabilities like Fortnite that will let you stay close with your console buddies.

The best part about upgrading a PC compared to a first purchase is the difference you notice in every game you play. Increased framerate, higher graphics settings and faster load times await you. Make sure to check that your game is running at the correct refresh rate if you purchased a new monitor with your PC!

Make sure you check out and download Discord. An “All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone,” as written on the site, Discord is perfect for gamers or anyone who wants to join a community to talk about anything.

Start Streaming

Streaming the games you play is an awesome experience that can be free and easy to do. Streaming can be hard on your PC, especially if you play very recent graphics-heavy games. With a new PC, you won’t have to worry about frame issues or lag in your game while streaming.

Streamlabs is a must for setting up your stream. They take you through anything you can think of including donations and stream layout. There are plenty of places where you can find some free layouts to make your stream high-class!

Being able to stream your gaming experience is a great way to make memories and share your time with friends. Growing a small community goes a long way, and it doesn’t have to be about making streaming your career.

Streaming is very easy to get into if you have a solid PC. New streamers have popular people to look up to. If you follow a routine and enjoy yourself, you might find out streaming is more than a hobby for you!

Enter the Editing World

People unfamiliar with the media world rarely think about how long-winded the editing process is. Video and audio editing take a long time to render. You’re also working with multiple large files at once, slowing down your computer.

With a stronger PC, you can take a shot at video editing. If you want to work on montages of your own gameplay you can incorporate your streamed gameplay into the videos! A powerful PC will let you work efficiently, leaving out hours of rendering and file management that an older PC might have to do.

Most editors have multiple monitors, meaning that a better PC can handle all the Google Chrome tabs, video, audio and programs running in the background without completely shutting down. The worst thing to happen when working on a project is a long wait followed by an “Oh crap, I forgot to add this section in.”

There’s plenty to do when you finally get your new PC. Never again will you have to sit out of a gaming session because you can hardly run a game that your friends are playing. Streaming and video editing are new fields to explore at your leisure. Keep that PC clean and it’ll be smooth sailing for the next few years.

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Cade Metz
Cade Metz
Cate Metz is not only a gamer but also a specialist in Technology and Computer hardware. He often writes about the choices of gaming PCs and accessories which are dependent on your budget.