PUBG PC Update 4.2: Now Available On Live Servers(2019)

The storm hasn’t stopped raging yet. Player Unknown’s Battleground has never stopped surprising us. There is Good news for those who were eagerly waiting for the release of PUBG PC update 4.2.

PUBG PC update 4.2 is now available on Live servers from  20th August 2019. The substantial patch is packed with all the season 4 contents. 

Dynamic weather changes in Erangel, rebalancing the loot, UI adjustments, Vehicle engine toggle, attractive new skins, more than 25 bug fixes and more are there in this patch.

This is said to be the 32nd Update in PUBG by the Steam community since it was released.

Update 4.2 was made available from August 20 (5.30 p.m for PDT), August 21 (2.30 a.m CEST ), August 22 (9.30 a.m KST ).

Enough of bragging! I know you can’t wait anymore to explore the new PC updates and see if it intrigues you or not.

What’s Interesting in PC Update 4.2 

Several changes have arrived in Update 4.2 from a variety of weather conditions on the island, from thunderstorms to fog and heavy winds. You can even break through heavy traffic barricades now. More than 25 bugs had gone after this update. Apart from the major changes, PUBG also brought several changes in its User Interface and gameplay.

The Mid-Update Hotfixes

On 27th August 2019, a lot of bugs got away from PUBG. Such as 

  • Rare issue where enemy players became invisible at medium distances periodically. 
  • The issue where players were unable to reload while looking at certain attachments. 
  • ADS was frequently declined while proning against an object and it irritated players. 
  • A few skins weren’t displaying on the male character in the item preview.

These issues from PUBG have elapsed, let’s roll on to the changes in Gameplay


There are subtle changes, brought in the gameplay and you need to be fully conscious while playing, or you will miss it.

Blue Zone Edge Visual Effect

The rolling glimmer effect that you could see at the verge of the blue zone, would no longer be available at the center of the screen where a player is aiming. 

Vehicle Handling Improvements

Improvement has been made in Motorbike with off-road driving control. Most of the vehicles including Scooter, Motorcycle with sidecar, Snowbike, and Snowmobile are appearing with dynamic handling change.

Cross-hair Visibility Improves Against a Bright Background

As it has been a problem while playing, visibility of all scope and sights opposite to bright backgrounds is no longer available

Vehicle Engine Button

By pressing Z, vehicle engines can be turned on/off while you are driving. If you want to go for tactical and silent actions, you can turn off your vehicle while moving.

You can press Z to start the engine and press W to accelerate. Vehicle engines are programmed to turn off by itself if the vehicle is in rest for above 8 seconds or 2 seconds after the driver dismounts off it.

Throwables Friction Modified

Now, you can throw smoke grenades so easily. To slow down the rolling speed, the friction force has been reduced. The rolling movement is consistent and predictable as well.

Stun & Frag Grenade’s friction is lesser than the previous one.  Now, it can roll fast and the distance they can travel after impacting surfaces is increased.

Improvements in Sound QoL

There are certain improvements also made on the Sound QoL part of PUBG. 

  • Master volume preview has come as an addition to this version.
  • You can reduce instant volume from now on.
  1. This addition can help you temporarily reduce sounds to have a clear conversation with your teammates.
  2. While playing, you can use F7 to reduce the game master volume, keeping voice chat volume intact and use F7 to return to the previous mode.
  • Footstep sound had been rebalanced and the Landing sound now differs on the individual ground.
  • Red Zone’s overall volume has been compressed. Gun Firing sounds now have realistic effects and you will have a chance to choose the old or new effect.


The ledge grab sound is finely tuned. More features are being planned on changing the overall sound effect and the next sound update is supposed to be released in September.

Survivor Pass: CONSEQUENCES 

Bonus Time allows you to go through the CO-OP missions faster. Bonus Points will help you at various points during the remainder of Survivor Pass: Aftermath to speed up CO-OP mission progress.

Every individual completed missions now will add 2 points. Earlier, it used to add only 1 point in the CO-OP mission progress meter.

Game World 

When a match starts with cloudy weather on Erangel the weather can change its texture during the match from windy to hail, rain with lightning and even fog.

Destructible barricade and pylons are a newly added feature in Erangel. Few objects which were indestructible could now be destructible. Ambient Noise moderation in Vikendi. In Vikendi, wind noise used to be irritating sometimes, that’s why it has been reduced.

The MET Asia Series and PubG Nations cup have been brought to a successful conclusion and the starting plane now is not there anymore.

User Interface and User Design

The clarity of helmet and vest health are better now. Weapon firing modes are now implied visually instead of representing it in text. Instead of the HP bar, the game version and server identifier would now show up below the minimap. 

To avoid the unnecessary mess, certain HUD and User Interface elements will no longer be available while the match is starting. BP items are now portrayed by the BP icon in-store to understand the basic difference between cash and BP items.

Custom Match Changes

Erangel visual update option is added for Custom matchmaking. Team leaderboard UI in observer mode has been modified from 3 to 4 character team tags.

Skin & Items

A variety of New skins are brought in Update 4.2 in-game store

  •  New BP purchasable items
  • SLR and vector battle star skins are available
  • 2 Madsy shoes
  • Combined new Battlestar skins for UMP45 and S686
  • Regional Esports baseball bat skins have been added


NA Matchmaking Changes

To make matchmaking seamless some changes had been made in the NA region. 

  • The ‘Featured Map’ option will be replaced by the ‘Random Map’’ option which will have all 4 maps of equal probability of being chosen.
  • Players will be allowed to go for additional choices where possible without compromising the matchmaking experience.

Bug Fixes

There are more than 25 Bug fixes in Update 4.2 and we will put up the major fixes for you.

  • Throwable shaking or wrong display due to poor network connection is fixed.
  • While walking backward against the corner, your footstep was audible to other players but not you. It’s gone now.
  • A player, dropping weapon was not visible by other players before, now this problem is no longer there.
  • A Placed marker’s location changes in several cases on the compass after opening the map. Well, it’s been solved as well.
  • While spectating a disconnected player incorrect player name used to display.

Wrapping Up 

Those who were overwhelmed and waiting for the latest PUBG PC update can now have an improved and a hot version of the game.

As PUBG PC 4.2 Updates are now available on live servers, you can update your PC version and start playing. All the new changes will be visible to you.

Enjoy The Game!

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