Impact of e-gaming on physical sports


The main motive behind physical sports is to improve physical ability and at the same time entertain the onlookers. Sports like gymnastics can be backtracked to 2000BC in China and sports like swimming and fishing can be traced back to the era of Pharos.

With history being backtracked to such an old age, we can surely say it had an amazing impact on society. Apart from being fit physically, physical sports had a huge impact on the mental health of life on human species.

With all the latest technology coming in and making humans lazy, and the quality of food that is being consumed by humans off lately has contributed hugely towards the degradation of human health. In this ever degrading era, focus on physical sports activities is the need of the hour.


If we travel back to early 2000, we might not even know what E-gaming probably is. In-fact the majority would not know about this term. But as we move towards 2010, yes a lot of people would be certainly aware of what e-gaming probably is. Moving ahead to 2018, E-gaming? OH! Every kid knows about it.

But the reality is E-Gaming has been for longer than we can ever expect. The first E-gaming competition was held back in 1972. However, there might be many reasons for E-gaming not very familiar amongst people. Expensive devices and games, too concerned about physical health, bad graphics, etc. It can be any of the listed reasons or maybe not.

Off lately we have seen mobile manufacturing companies are competing with each other to a great extent to launch the best devices in the market. High RAM, amazing graphics, huge memory space, etc. are major attributes in focus these days. And this competition has certainly given a huge boost towards the evolution of E-gaming.

We can say a huge number of mobile users who were not even E-Gaming enthusiasts or maybe not even aware of what e-gaming is, also started spending so much of their time playing games.

When we say E-Gaming it is actually a very vast community we are talking about and mobile is just one part that we have focused on mainly till now. There are huge tournaments around the world which are being conducted these days which actually gives a huge winning amount.

The impact of the evolution has been such that a huge number of people have started opting for e-gaming as a career option. They go through a lot of training and follow a very strict schedule as a physical sports person does. The only major difference being e-gamers do not train much physically.


Looking at the current physical health status of young people we can to some extent say that e-gaming is having a bad impact on physical sports. Youths have started spending a lot of time playing games till late at night, which in turn makes it difficult to wake up for early morning training sessions.

At the same time, we can also say that e-gaming and physical sports go hand in hand to an extent. Physical sports help in stabilizing your mental health and e-gaming helps in better decision making. Both of these qualities are a big necessity in our daily life as well.

Considering the impact of e-gaming on better decision making, it can certainly be used to an amazing extent in terms of managing the game plan to go about in every game. Some players are aggressive and some are passive throughout their career. These fixed strategies may not work in every case.

At times you have to be aggressive and at times you have to go back to your defensive best. There might be cases where some players are amazing in both modes, but these players are lacking in making the decision regarding when to play the attacking part and when to play the defensive part. E-Gaming plays a major role in helping these players with these decisions.


Looking at various angles and discussing the benefits and disadvantages of e-gaming we have to make sure that we try to gain maximum advantage out of it. Along with our health, we need to make sure we take care of our devices as well. When we gift ourselves such high-tech devices we can certainly go ahead and gift our devices protection plans which will surely take care of them in case we fail.

AUTHOR BIO: Cory Hungate is a writer living in Chicago and currently working for i.e. Consumer Electronic Warranty Provider Company, which also offers total home protection plans.

He is very ardent about his work and has a flair for technology and innovation. He is a total health and fitness enthusiast and in his free time, he enjoys exploring new places.

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