Gaming setup ideas for small rooms

Gaming enthusiast? When it comes to fully immerse and enjoying your latest game to the fullest, it is not just the tech, but also the atmosphere that can improve your overall experience. 

While avid film fans will have a home theatre and artists will have a studio, true gamers will have a gaming room where they can escape and unwind, playing the latest must-have games.

When it comes to fully immerse yourself in the latest games and appreciating your time behind the screen, throw yourself into the antics of the game and design the ultimate game room. 

We explain how you too can create a gaming room while showing you the simple changes you can make on a short time scale and with a small budget.

Follow our top tips and discover our top PC gaming room ideas that are accessible for all. 


Let’s start with one of the most important features. As gamers, you will be fully aware of the importance of a comfortable, supportive seat, the option of either armchair or sofa is up to you. Be sure that your seat of choice supports both your back and spine and is comfortable, essential for those long hours spent gaming. By adding additional seats, you have the option and space to invite friends over for an evening spent gaming. 


Computers create much heat and when cooped up in a small room, that heat will only develop, causing the room to become stuffy and unbearable. By adding ventilation to the room either through fans, air conditioning, or a window, you can allow the hot air to escape, while keeping the room fresh and cool. Reducing the number of headaches experienced when gaming, if there is no air conditioning or window in your gaming room, consider adding a couple of fans to your gaming room. 


Adding storage solutions to your gaming room can completely transform the layout of the room. Some of the best game room setups include storage in the form of shelves or a storage unit. Allowing you to declutter and keep your gaming room tidy, by improving your storage, you may discover over time that you have become more organized.


Before your game room is fully complete, make sure that your game room is installed with all the required gadgets and technology. Whether you need an adjustable tv stand, a cable organizer, or wireless headphones, by being prepared, you can cut out any unnecessary stress experienced when attempting to immerse yourself in the latest must-have game.


A skill to master, choosing the correct lighting is a must to help achieve the best video game setup. Too little light can create a dark room, causing a strain on your eyes, while too much light can create a glare on the screen, affecting your gaming experience. If your gaming room has a window, consider either a blind or curtain, while a dark room will benefit from two large floor lamps. 


For those gamers who can play for hours on end, remembering to stay hydrated can be a challenge. By adding a small fridge in your gaming room and stocking it full of drinks and nutritious foods, you can replenish vital levels when playing for long hours, while also remaining hydrated.


Whether you are slaying dragons or invading cities, fully immerse yourself into the drama of the game and enhance your experience with the correct sound system. Projecting the sound with such clarity, excite not just your fingers, but your eardrums with a high-quality sound system. 

Gaming PC

Now that you have created the ultimate gaming room for you to unwind and idle many happy hours spent playing the latest games, there is one piece of equipment left to add. While many gamers will choose to play on their PC, true gamers will appreciate the true definition that comes with using a Gaming PC. Promising a clearer and more defined experience, a Gaming PC will run with a zero risk of heartache, also known as buffering and freezing typically experienced when playing on an ordinary desktop PC. 

Now all the key features have been covered, you are now ready to go off and design your own gaming room in the space that you have available.

By ticking each checkpoint off as you go, you too can create the perfect gaming room where you and your friends will enjoy spending many an hour or two.


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Cade Metz
Cade Metz
Cate Metz is not only a gamer but also a specialist in Technology and Computer hardware. He often writes about the choices of gaming PCs and accessories which are dependent on your budget.