files uwp: a new, exclusive modern file management application for windows 10

If you are tired of using File Explorer or simply want to find a new experience, try Files UWP. Files UWP is a third-party file management application specific to Windows 10 that you can use instead of the integrated File Explorer tool.

Basically, this application will still give you an intuitive interface to access system files but it has been “modernized” with Fluent Design design philosophy and the addition of a number of other extras that File Explorer does not support.

files uwp window 10 Files UWP: A new, exclusive modern file management application for Windows 10

Just recently launched and in preview mode, UWP Files provides an interface based on the stacked tabs, with many different layout modes for users to choose from. According to the developer’s statement, the file access performance of Files UWP on the Windows 10 environment is “unmatched,” and some practical tests have shown that this claim is not without foundation.

This application is completely open-source and its code repository is now available on GitHub. Luke Blevins, the developer of the application, has called on the worldwide Windows application developer community to support this project through feedback items or pull requests on GitHub to make the application more perfect.

At the moment, Luke Blevins’ goal is to deploy some of the key fundamental features such as better OneDrive support, search options, and support for WSL in the near future. If all goes according to plan, Files UWP will step out of preview mode in the next few months.

You can download and install the Flies UWP application for free from the Microsoft Store:

Source code o Files UWP:

DownloadFiles UWP on Microsoft Store

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