Best Xbox One Steering Wheels for 2020 Review [Worth Buying]

Today, a busy life makes you feel stressed. Apart from listening to music, watching a movie, chatting with your family and friends, playing game is a really great method to remove all stress.

Xbox One is a home video game console that is familiar with gamers with a lot of games that are designed to deliver the feeling of reality and thrill.

Actually, anyone who loves playing stimulation racing or driving games on the Xbox One realizes that they do not feel really enjoyable when using a controller because it can interfere their gaming performance. So, we think that choosing a compatible steering wheel with the Xbox One platform to experience the racing or driving games you love is a perfect solution.

And that is why we recommend you the best Xbox One steering wheels for 2020 to help you enjoy your favorite games excitedly.

Here are the top 5 best Xbox One steeling wheels for 2020 you should refer

1. Thrustmaster TX

The Thrustmaster TX is the best choice for your first consideration of both price and features.

Thrustmaster TX

Tech Specs

  • Wheel rotation: 900 degrees
  • The number of buttons: 13
  • Pedals: 3
  • Adjustable pedals: Yes

Although the Thrustmaster TX is not equipped with sturdy motors and high-quality construction of the Fanatic models, it still will deliver the feeling of reality and excitement, on condition that you have never tried Fanatec steeling wheel before.

The first strength of it is a high-quality steering wheel. You can comfortably choose a steering wheel according to your favorite because it is modular. We think you should pick the Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Leather Edition with the T3PA 3-pedal. It looks like a racing car with a solid design paired with a unique slant. However, the position of the buttons is a litter far which is not convenient for your thumbs to reach it. Especially, you play a handbrake-reliant game such as Dirt Rally (the Thrustmaster TX does not come with a handbrake)

The part which contains the force feedback motor called the servo is compact and lightweight. You can easily attach it to a desk or racing seat. When experiencing the racing game, you can remarkably feel the vibrations through a suspension of the car, especially in full sim like Assetto Corsa.

About the quality of the pedals, they have a perfect full-size with the black and wide plastic footrest. However, you should attach them to the solid base to experience the games in the best way because they can slide around the floor by themselves.

Overall, the Thrustmaster TX is the best choice you should try when playing Xbox One racing games. It has a lot of prominent features and affordable price. It surely gives you more bang for the buck.


  • Can flexibly customize
  • Perfect quality
  • Superb force feedback


  • Pretty pricy
  • Not come with a handbrake


2. Logitech G920

The Logitech is a name that is not an alien in this technology area. It is well-known about computer accessories such as mouses, keyboards, keypads,…and steering wheels are no exception.

Logitech G920

Tech Specs

  • Wheel rotation: 900 degrees
  • The number of buttons: 13
  • Pedals: 3
  • Adjustable pedals: Yes

The Logitech G902 has pretty high quality. You can feel comfortable when holding this steering wheel. It comes with the good paddle shifters, the solid rim and the sensitive buttons that will make you feel smooth when driving it.

The Force Feedback of the Logitech G902 is really strong and smooth. It delivers the feeling of slight driving than the Thrustmaster TX. Actually, every action such as understeering, clattering across kerbs and even rubbing cars together…is all slight and real.

The quality of pedals may make you a little disappointed. It is quite stiff and unamenable. The rubber stopper which is designed to deliver a realistic feeling of resistance is a major cause of this. However, we think that it will be improved over time. In focus, this is the only weakness of the Logitech G902.

Overall, the Logitech G902 will still be appreciated at this affordable price.


  • Affordable price
  • Great quality wheel
  • Bespoke for Xbox One


  • Pedals are pretty stiff to use


3. Thrustmaster TMX

The Thrustmaster TMX is the third steering wheel choice we want to mention. This is the entry-level Force Feedback wheel for Xbox One.

Thrustmaster TMX

Tech Specs

  • Wheel rotation: 900 degrees
  • The number of buttons: 12
  • Pedals: up to 3 and sold separately
  • Adjustable pedals: Yes

Firstly, let us find out about the wheel quality. Like the Thrustmaster TX, this version comes with many superb features. It has a pretty sturdy and satisfying feeling design. And the long-pronged paddle shifters can be easily modified whether you hold your wheel at the ten to twelve position. However, you may have difficulty accessing the buttons by your thumbs. In other words, once you turn the steering wheel already, you will be difficult to press your handbrake.

About the wheelbase quality, we will consider the servo feature of the Thrustmaster TMX. Evidently, the servo quality of this wheel is different in comparison with the other steering wheels. But you still get forced to pull and to push when experiencing on the race. It will make you excited and realistic like the game is actually happening in front of you.

In our opinion, the quality of the pedals is not so good. Usually, a good pedal unit needs metal and a clutch pedal. But this is a difficult issue with this wheel. However, you can still input throttle and brake controls at different extents. In other words, you are less likely to lock the wheels under braking or rotate the wheels.

Overall, the Thrustmaster TMX is a good choice for you to play your favorite games on Xbox One. It is worth buying because of its affordable price and prominent features.


  • Pretty affordable
  • Strong force feedback
  • Easy to add parts


  • Pedals are not so good
  • It is not solid compared with others


4. Fanatec CSL Elite bundle

The Fanatec CSL Elite bundle is newer than the other products on our list in spite of the expensive price.

Tech Specs

  • Wheel rotation: 1080 degrees
  • The number of buttons: 14
  • Pedals: 2
  • Adjustable pedals: Yes

The steering wheel quality is really great. The wheel is similar to Fanatec’s option. It is a heavy-duty piece of hardware, an integrated monitor that you can modify the different parameters of control and forward the data. With the Fanatec, you completely can control the car in the way you want.

It has an effective Force Feedback servo. It is powerful enough to shake the racing seat when experiencing the racing games. Also, you can get the smooth transitions between seamless force levels with the improvement of the motor, it called brushless motor.

The Fanatec CSL Elite bundle is equipped with the CSL Elite Pedals which is superb about terms of control. The anger of the accelerator and the depth of the accelerator is the dominant point compared to the other wheel in this list. It will give you the feeling of accuracy when feeding in the throttle or keeping the revs at mid-range thanks to the start sequences or long anger without any obstruction.

The brake pedal is also appreciated about sensitivity, You can lightly dab, brake or stand. It is quite solid with the heavy metal fabric. The only weakness of the brake is that it can easily slide or even tip up if you do not fixedly attach it on the racing seat or a wide base.

Overall, the Fanatec may be the most expensive on this list but the prominent features of this wheel surely make you surprised. Let consider this product if you are looking for the best Xbox One steering wheels on the market.


  • Wonderful quality
  • Great pedals
  • Sturdy force feedback


  • Expensive price

5. Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider

The final best steering wheel which is compatible with Xbox One we want to recommend you is the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider. Like its name, this will be an ideal choice for anyone who is a fan of Ferrari.

Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider

Tech Specs

  • Wheel rotation: 240 degrees
  • The number of buttons: 15
  • Pedals: 2
  • Adjustable pedals: Yes

About wheel quality, it is a pity that it falls short of our expectations. Actually, it is designed like a real Ferrari wheel but it feels less sturdy and realistic. However, it still has long-pronged paddle shifters which allow you to switch between gears by your fingertips conveniently.

The wheelbase quality of the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider is decent. With a linear resistance, you may feel harder when turning it but that is not a big matter, actually. The outstanding strength of this wheel is that it does not rotate as much between full lock. This will significantly improve the sensitivity compared to your movements. It is better for arcade racing games.

At this cheap price, the quality of the pedals is decent. However, it will offer you an impressive difference. It has great controlling brakes pair with using feet to increase its speed instead of triggers on a pad. That makes you excited just like you are in the true car racing.

Overall, it is an ideal steeling wheel for Xbox one at an incredibly cheap price. But the quality of this wheel is still good and considerable if you are a fan of Xbox One racing games and you have a limit budget.


  • Very cheap
  • The ideal steering wheel for Ferrari lovers
  • Good control


  • Rotation is not really great
  • The feeling is limited when experiencing


We have just recommended the best steering wheels that are compatible with the Xbox One. This steeling wheels will help you experience your favorite racing games in the best way. Let thoroughly consider our list to choose the best Xbox One steeling wheel which is suitable with your budget and demands.

And don’t hesitate to leave your comment below if you have any questions or suggestions for us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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