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The 24 Best Gaming Mouses: The Best Wired And Wireless Gaming Mice of March 2023

After evaluating a lot of products from Razer, Logitech, logitech G, Glorious PC Gaming Race, HyperX, SteelSeries, ASUS, Alienware, PWNAGE, Corsair and more, we suggest for you the top 24 Best Gaming Mouses: The Best Wired And Wireless Gaming Mice in 2023 with 84,422 positive feedbacks.

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Buying Guide

As you begin your search for the right gaming mouse, you may wonder where you can start and what you can look for. While we do have eight different gaming mice that we think are the best, you may want to know what you should consider during future shopping moments. Due to this, we have some quick shopping tips to help you out the next time you look for gaming equipment.

  • Look at the features offered.
  • Compare different products with each other.
  • Read reviews and talk with friends about it.

Always consider the features offered in what you buy. You purchase new gaming accessories and equipment to enhance your experience and make it as enjoyable as possible. Due to this, you need to find equipment that will meet your needs and even make some aspects of gaming easier and more fun for you.

Since you can’t really try out gaming accessories without buying them, spend some time looking over reviews and suggestions online. See what other people say and if any articles talk about good gaming equipment. If you know any friends that own what you want, then ask for their opinions and advice concerning different products.

Even though you can’t predict every possible option when you shop for gaming equipment, it doesn’t hurt to try and find out as much as you can. This way, you can properly figure out what you want and get something worth your hard-earned money. With those points in mind, you will have an easier time shopping.

Finding the perfect gaming mouse may take some effort and time for you to consider the right one, but it will be worth it. Many gaming mouses offer extra features and accessories to help you with different types of gaming and online experiences. Due to this, you should ask yourself some questions when you look for the right gaming mouse.

  • Do any of these mice offer extra features that will improve my gaming experience?
  • Do I need any mice with warranties just in case I face a technical problem?
  • What is my price range so that I make sure that I don’t spend too much money?

These types of questions will help you to identify the right gaming mouse for you. After all, you want to make sure that you pick one with features that will benefit your gaming experience rather than hinder it. As you do so, you can minimize issues and improve your experience to keep it positive, fun, and enjoyable.

As you consider these eight gaming mice, you need to think over these points and questions to ensure that you find something that you like. You don’t want to make a purchase that you might regret, so spend some time finding the right one. There’s no harm in waiting for a bit, thinking it out, and making a choice.

Best gaming mouses: the best wired and wireless gaming mice

Either way, we have some excellent gaming mice for you to consider. Whether you want to look at some excellent pc mouses or something to just meet your needs, we have some of the best options available. As we go through this list, you will see what each one does well and any shortcomings. These points should help you to make a decision.

Logitech G203 Prodigy RGB Wired Gaming Mouse

The best gaming mouse for most people

Logitech G203 Prodigy RGB Wired Gaming Mouse

The G203 Prodigy is one of the best mice gaming can offer. It allows you to easily plug in your mouse and start using it with your current setup. As long as you have a USB port, you can start using it immediately. Due to its design and simple-to-use nature, this one stands out as one of the best options for most people.

The G203 Prodigy boasts its performance by allowing you to click eight times faster than the standard mouse. This makes it a great option for games that need you to click often, such as real time strategy games (RTS). As an added bonus, the mouse has reduced button tension, lowering the amount of force needed to click it.

As an added bonus, the G203 Prodigy remains on the cheaper side, making it a solid option for people that don’t want to drop too much money on a mouse. It’s also compatible with Windows 7, macOS 10.1, and later versions of both types. In short, if you use your computer for gaming, you won’t have to worry about mouse support with this one.

However, keep in mind that this mouse does have its downsides. First, it uses a standard shape and size, meaning that this mouse won’t work well for people with large or small hands. It’s also a wired gaming mouse, meaning that it might not work for some setups with a tower too far away from the cord. Make sure to keep these downsides in mind.

If those downsides don’t bother you, then you have an excellent mouse that will meet your gaming needs. It offers plenty of features to make your gaming experience easier and more comfortable as it accurately tracks your mouse while allowing quick clicking. If you don’t know what you want, then this mouse works well for most people.

You can use software Logitech G Hub or Logitech Gaming Software to adjust the mouse

Corsair Harpoon PRO – RGB Gaming Mouse

Best budget gaming mouse

Corsair Harpoon PRO - RGB Gaming Mouse

The Corsair Harpoon PRO works well for people looking for the best value with the lowest price. This is a cheap gaming mouse, but the quality allows it to stand above standard mice. If you want a starting point for gaming mice, or you just want to try them out for the first time, then this might be the option for your situation.

The Harpoon PRO offers plenty of benefits to make it worth your time. First, it’s a light gaming mouse, weighing only 85 grams (under 0.2 pounds), making it one that will slide across your mouse pad with speed and precision. It has rubber side grips as well to make it easier to hold onto the mouse and use comfortably for long gaming sessions.

It also has six total buttons that you can customize to your needs: the left and right-click, the mouse wheel, a middle button, and two on the left side. This might be a good option for people that want to use their thumbs for quick and easy access to different in-game inputs. To add to these points, you can also buy it wired or wireless.

Keep in mind that the wireless version is much more expensive than the wired one. On top of that, some people may struggle with macro remapping to get the side buttons to work how they want them to. If you don’t mind the wired version and you can work with the macro buttons, then this might be the mouse for your gaming needs.

With its lightweight and ability to use the buttons how you want, the Harpoon PRO stands out as one of the best cheap gaming mice since it provides so much. Feel free to look this since it’s the best Corsair mouse at a low price. It could meet your needs as you get the best budget gaming mouse for your setup.

You can use Corsair custom software similar to Corsair Nightsword here.

Corsair Nightsword RGB, Performance Tunable FPS/MOBA Gaming Mouse

The best premium gaming mouse – FPS and MOBA game

Corsair Nightsword RGB, Performance Tunable FPS/MOBA Gaming Mouse

The Corsair Nightsword RGB could be considered the best FPS mouse and also excellent for MOBAs If you need a mouse for lots of buttons and precise movements, then this one will cover that for you. If you need the best gaming mouse for Fortnite or other quick reaction games, then this one could boost and improve your experience.

The Nightsword RGB takes a different approach than other mice by detecting the center of gravity as you use the mouse. On top of that, you can adjust the weight slightly to make the mouse consistent and comfortable in your grip. If you need more flexibility and getting your mouse just right, then this one will work for you.

It also has a curve to the mouse, allowing it to fit more naturally into your hand. This way, you don’t have to hover your hand upward to keep it comfortable: you can place it directly on the mouse, grip it and avoid pain. You also have seven buttons, besides the left click, right click and mouse wheel, to help with MOBAs and FPS games.

With the Nightsword RGB, you do need to map the macro buttons yourself, which may pose problems or issues for people that aren’t familiar with the process. Also, keep in mind that it is a wired mouse, meaning that it might not work for some gaming setups. However, these are minor issues and complaints, so they may not affect you.

If you like the idea of making your mouse the weight you want while allowing you to easily click other buttons, then you should consider the Nightsword RGB. It will give you extra flexibility and customization options to make the mouse just right for you. Feel free to look into its other features to see how it will help your gaming experience.

You can download Corsair’s custom software here.

Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

Best wireless gaming mouse

Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

The G502 Lightspeed Mouse will improve your Logitech mice gaming experience by providing you comfort and awesome features. On top of offering tons of buttons on the mouse itself, you also have a hyper-fast mouse wheel to quickly scroll in and out of your game. This one is a wireless mouse that will improve your gaming setup.

If you have a farther away tower, or you don’t want to deal with wires, then this mouse has you covered. Since it is wireless, you don’t have to worry about the placement of your mouse wire as you play games. It also focuses on providing a fast gaming experience, ensuring that it reads all of your quick and precise inputs.

With the fast wheel and 11 buttons available, you can customize your macros for all of your games. This means that you can have quick access to any commands that you need at the time, providing more options and convenience for you. As an added bonus, you have six adjustable weights to make it the right setting for you.

Just like with any mouse, this one has a few downsides for you to consider. A wireless mouse does need batteries to run and you also could face an issue of them dying in the middle of a game. Make sure that you keep track of your battery to avoid this situation. Also, this costs more money than other mice, so keeps that in mind as you look at it.

It comes to no one's surprise that this is one of the best wireless gaming mice on the market. It will allow you to make quick inputs, handle your fast scrolling speeds and prevent any wires from getting in your way. If you need something to make your inputs as quick as possible, then you should see if this is the mouse that you want.

You can use Logitech custom software similar to G203 here.

Redragon M901 Wired Gaming Mouse

The best gaming mouse for MMORPG fans

Redragon M901 Wired Gaming Mouse

The Redragon M901 takes an interesting spin on the standard mouse to make it more convenient for those that love diving into online games. People like this mouse for playing massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) since the number pad makes playing them easier. In short, you have a solid option for your mouse with side buttons.

Many MMOs give you a toolbar at the bottom, letting you create a list of 12 items and spells to instantly use by pressing a button on your keyboard. However, moving your hand around for those hotkeys while moving with the “WASD” keys will pose problems. The Redragon fixes this by putting those 12 hotkeys on the side of the mouse.

With all of these buttons, you have 19 in total to handle your MMO micromanaging and hotkeys. It also comes with eight weights for you to adjust your mouse for your needs. Many MMORPGs need you to have access to as many buttons as possible, making the Redragon the best mouse computer MMO players could ask for.

Keep in mind that the buttons rest on the side of the mouse, taking up a fair bit of space, so this could affect the comfort of your grip. Depending on the games that you play, you could also hit one of the many buttons on accident. However, if you know how to work with hotkeys and you deactivate them for other games, you should be fine.

Many people that play MMORPGs need ways to access their spells and abilities in a moment, so this one will help you out. This way, you can adjust your camera, move your character and use your abilities all at the same time. If you need more button shortcuts for your games, then you know that the Redragon M901 can provide them for you.

You can download Redragon’s custom software here.

Razer Viper Mini Ultralight Gaming Mouse

Best gaming mouse for small hands

Razer Viper Mini Ultralight Gaming Mouse

Razer gaming mouses can help you in a variety of ways, and the Viper Mini also falls into this category. If you find most gaming mice to be too big for your hands, then this smaller size will give you more grip and control over it. In short, it will meet your needs if you have a below-average hand size and you really want a gaming mouse.

First, note that this mouse offers a wired and wireless version, making it a solid choice for different setups. This will allow you to pick the one that works better for you, and if you don’t mind a wire, then you don’t have to spend as much money. It provides that flexibility while allowing you to save money and not use batteries.

Since this is a lighter and smaller mouse, you can use it to easily move across your mouse pad. This way, instead of lying your hand on top of the mouse, you can grip the sides and maintain control of it. It also provides six buttons to help you with some quick macros and convenience while using this mouse.

Keep in mind that this mouse won’t work for everyone. Some people may find it too small for their hands, making it difficult to use. Make sure that you look at the mouse, get a size comparison and determine if it will work for your hand size. Also, if you want to get the wireless version, you will have to pay much more money for it.

Either way, not many companies consider the needs of people with different hand sizes, so this remains one of the best options for smaller hands. This way, you can maintain full control of your mouse while using one that a company designed for gaming. With its cheaper price, size and weight, it could be an excellent option for you.

You can download Razer’s custom software here.

Razer Basilisk v2 Wired Gaming Mouse

Best gaming mouse for big hands

Razer Basilisk v2 Wired Gaming Mouse

On the other side of the spectrum, some people find standard mice to be too small for their hands. It seems that Razer considers the needs of different hand sizes because they made the Basilisk v2 for those with large hands. This will make gaming easier for them, just as the Viper Mini helps those with smaller hands.

On top of having a larger size to make it easier to grip and avoid cramping, this mouse also offers a mechanical switch that clicks three times faster than standard mice. This makes it a great option for games. And just like the other Razer mouse, this one offers a wireless version for those that don’t want to deal with wires.

You have 11 programmable buttons on this mouse to add those hotkeys and shortcuts that you need in your games. This will help you to use those commands quicker and more efficiently. On top of that, it has special DPI buttons to adjust the sensitivity of your mouse on the spot. This way, you can easily adjust it until you find the right setting.

Like with the other Razer mouse, this one costs significantly more if you want to get the wireless version. Due to this, it may not work for all setups. Also, some people won’t be able to use this mouse efficiently since it might be too big for their hands, causing them to not grip it properly.

Either way, if you’re a gamer and you have large hands, then you should check out this mouse. It will provide those bonus buttons to make gaming easier while also giving you excellent sensitivity settings and other conveniences. This way, you have a solid mouse that will help you to enjoy any computer games that you plan to play.

You can use custom software similar to the Razer Viper Mini here.

SteelSeries Rival 3 Gaming Mouse

Best RGB gaming mouse

SteelSeries Rival 3 Gaming Mouse

Many people focus on finding the best design options possible, so the Rival 3 could cover your RGB needs. It focuses on offering you an excellent color range on the rim of the mouse to match the colors on your keyboard while giving you three color zones. However, it doesn’t stop there as Rival 3 includes plenty of other important benefits.

This mouse is made out of polymer, which helps it to remain durable and avoid breaking. This way, you can be a bit rougher with your mouse without worrying about needing to replace it. It also has 60 million mechanical click switches so that you can easily use it while you play games without worrying about clicking on a specific spot.

They also designed this mouse with gamers in mind: they gave it a specific shape so that it would feel comfortable during long gaming sessions. It also uses an optic sensor to make the movement and tracking super accurate for those precise movements. This way, you have an excellent mouse that sits around the lower price range.

However, do keep in mind that it does have a wire, which may pose a problem for some people. If you don’t like wired mice, then this one won’t fit into your mold. You also can’t adjust the weight of the mouse, meaning that you can’t find that sweet spot. However, these issues won’t pose any serious problems during gaming sessions.

When you look at Steel series mice, you can enjoy RGB and other benefits to improve your gaming experience. If you want an excellent mouse with tons of visual options while covering your gamer needs, then this might be the one for you. Continue looking it over and see if it will work for your setup.

You can download SteelSeries Engine software to customize your mouse.

Final Thought

Sum up:
Best wire gaming mouse under $50: Razer Gigantus V2 Soft Mouse Mat 3XL + Basilisk Ultimate w/o Dock Gaming Mouse Bundle

Best wireless gaming mouse under $50: Logitech G502 Hero High Performance Wired Gaming Mouse

Finding the right gaming mouse can completely change and improve your entire experience with PC games. Feel free to spend some time looking over your different options so that you can pick one with excellent quality. Since each one has advantages and drawbacks, so you have plenty of options and versatility to pick between.

No matter which one you pick, all eight of these ones stand out as the best gaming mice for different reasons. It comes down to finding your preference based on the games that you play on your computer. As you do so, you will pick an excellent mouse that will help you to have a wonderful gaming experience.


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