Best Gaming Mice Under $50 – The Most Votes From Gamers

It is undeniable that a gaming mouse is an essential accessory for gamers. Currently, there are many types of the dedicated mouse for gaming in different price ranges on the market.

If you are looking for a gaming mouse under $50, which one are you going to choose? Let’s follow our list below. We will show you the top 5 best gaming mice which have received positive reviews from gamers all over the world so far.

In order to get accurate results, it took us a long time to test 12 different gaming mice from well-known manufacturers.

Our reviews were based on the important criteria below:

  • Battery (Wireless gaming mouse)
  • Buttons
  • Sensor
  • Aesthetics
  • Construction

Here are the top 5 best gaming mice under $50 you should consider

1. Corsair M65 Pro RGB

The Corsair M65 Pro RGB with its attractive design and outstanding features deserves the best gaming mouse on this list.

Corsair M65 Pro RGB


  • DPI: 12 000
  • Buttons: 8
  • Design: Aircraft Grade aluminum
  • Color: Grey + RGB

The Corsair M65 is a wired gaming mouse with a rope-textured cord

This gaming mouse catches our eyes with exceptional design. It has a completely aircraft-grade aluminum body. It is really both low weight and solid. Furthermore, it comes with a snipe button. You can conveniently put your thumb on it.

This gaming mouse is capable of high resolutions up to 12 000 DPI. So it produces a highly precise game experience to meet the demands of most competitive games.

That’s not all because, with the use of Corsair’s CUE software, you can adjust the colors to match your theme and mood with 16.8 million different colors of LEDs. And Corsair’s CUE software bins the line of Corsair peripherals together and you can create a color scheme across all products.

Overall, the M65 is a perfect gaming mouse under $50 for Gamers with many outstanding strengths.


  • Durable aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Great price
  • A weigh adjust-system
  • CUE software for customization

Sniper button for fast DPI adjustment


Only tends to FPS players and MMO gamers


2. Razer Death Adder Elite

The Razer Death Adder Elite is the second best gaming mouse we want to recommend to you. Its name will give you an idea of how durable it is.

Razer Death Adder Elite


  • DPI: 16 000
  • Buttons: 7
  • Design: Plastic
  • Color: Black + RGB

This gaming mouse comes with the classic design with the clean curves and the Razer logo.

It has a high DPI sensor up to 16 000 DPI that’s sure to produce high accuracy and performance.

It is also equipped with RGB LED lighting inside like the M65 with 16.8 million different colors. You can easily adjust RGB LED lighting for the scroll wheel and the Razer logo by Razer Synapse 2.0 software. This shows Razer’s extensive experience in the peripheral market.

The Death Adder Elite still fully supplies breath, spectrum cycle and static effects but falls significantly short in comparison with CUE software when attempting to create more complex LED effects.

Besides, one of the reasons why we highly recommend this gaming mouse is its solid design, reliability and especially Razer brand behind the mouse. At under $50 price, the Death Adder Elite is really a good choice you should consider.


  • Reliable manufacturer
  • Long-lasting construction
  • Design to match the user’s set up
  • Razer Synapse 2.0 allows the user to customize


  • Ergonomics can be improved


3. Logitech G600

Logitech G600 is the gaming mouse with a completely different design. It has 20 buttons, 16 of them can be remapped according to your preference. Let’s check the tech specs!

Logitech G600


  • DPI: 8200
  • Buttons: 20
  • Design: Plastic
  • Color: Black

As you know, Logitech is a well-known brand for technology products. Logitech always seems to be a popular option for gamers.

The G600 may not be suitable for every player out there but it is a perfect gaming mouse for MMO players.

The G600 has 20 buttons with 16 remappable buttons. You can easily assign all effects to each of them. The 12-button placement in the side allows you to conveniently access every assigned effect by your thumb.

Especially, the Logitech manufacturer also equips this mouse with the additional G-Shift button to give flexibility on top. When doubling the button on the right, you can require 5 different DPI adjustments on the fly.

It is convenient for users when each of the buttons is named and glowed with RGB LEDs. So you can easily see and press them.

If you are playing games which need fast operation with many buttons, this mouse is a good option.


  • 20 buttons
  • RGB LEDs under each button
  • G-shift doubles button


  • Might be too big


4. Logitech G602

Logitech G602 is the best wireless mouse under $50 we want to recommend to you. It is really convenient for all users.

Logitech G602


  • DPI: 2500
  • Buttons: 11
  • Design: Plastic
  • Color: Grey/Blue

The Logitech G602 comes with 11 programmable buttons to provide fast operations for gamers. It is also equipped with a high-quality wireless connection over USB 3.0 to help players experience the games without lag.

However, its sensor only has a maximum resolution of 2500 DPI, this may not be sufficient for wireless communication.

The life power of the Logitech G602 life power will last quite long. The manufacturer has used the Delta Zero sensor optimization to help this mouse improve the power routine.

In general, it is a solid and high-quality gaming mouse under $50 that you should buy.


  • Convenient Wireless mouse
  • Decent battery life
  • 11 programmable buttons


  • Low DPI settings
  • No RGB LEDs


5. VicTsing MM057

The VicTsing MM057 gaming mouse is in the last place on our list. Let’s check Tech Specs to see its strengths.

VicTsing MM057


  • DPI: 2400
  • Buttons: 4
  • Design: Plastic
  • Color: Blue/Black/Red/Silver/Purple

This mouse is a pretty effective wireless mouse with a decent performance. It can carry out within a great distance up to 15 m and deliver up to 15 months of performance.

The 2400 DPI sensor will certainly make you impressed at around $50. You completely customize the performance according to your demands on the fly adjustments.

Besides, it comes with two programmable buttons that allow you to assign your effects.

Overall, the VicTsing MM057 is not the best perfect product but it is a good choice for gamers when considering both price and efficiency.


  • Convenient Wireless mouse
  • Decent battery life
  • 11 programmable buttons


  • Low DPI settings
  • Quite small
  • No RGB LEDs


Gaming mice come with a large variety of prices and performances. We have just shown you the top 5 best gaming mice with a $50 budget that many gamers like.
Don’t be hesitant to leave your comment below, we are looking forward to receiving your idea!

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