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The 21 Best Gaming Desks of September 2023

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The first thing on the mind of most gamers, when it comes to enhancing their gaming experience, is investing in hardware such as graphics cards, hard drives, and available RAM memory, or top-of-the-line monitors. While all of these are essential for gaming performance and comfort, there is one more piece of equipment that often gets overlooked. A proper gaming computer desk should be a vital part of every gamer’s setup. It provides physical comfort, gives you a competitive edge, and helps you get rid of clutter so often found on your average PC gaming table.

It’s hard to enjoy your game if your gear and peripherals are not optimally laid out and if you don’t have enough space for drinks and other refreshments you’ll reach for during your gaming battles. And let’s not forget, gaming sessions can take multiple hours, so organizing a perfect and ergonomic gaming desk setup can do wonders for your physical health and save you a lot of trips to the doctor down the line.

Finding the best gaming desk is not easy. Plenty of options on the market can make it difficult to choose the good gaming desk that will suit your playing style, body build, and available space. But, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We created a comprehensive guide to help you select a cool gaming desk that will take your gaming experience to the next level.

Buying Guide

Types of Gaming Computer Desks

First of all, let’s get familiar with the types of gaming desks that you can find on the market. There are a lot of different gaming desk designs out there, each suited for a certain style of play, available peripheral equipment and space at one’s disposal, but they can all be grouped into the five major categories:

1. Standard Gaming Desk

Standard desks are the most common and they mimic the design of traditional office desks. They are versatile and can be used for multiple purposes, besides gaming. these desks can serve as perfect entry-level desks for newbies and are convenient if you are also going to use them for studying or work. Usually, they are budget-friendly options, especially the most basic models. There are some more premium versions that come with some extra features, such as LED lighting, side speaker attachments, and extra storage options.

2. Sit/Stand Gaming Desk

Sitting for hours is not doing any good for your spine or posture. Especially if you already spend a better part of your day sitting at home, car, work, or school. For this reason, more and more gamers are choosing desks with standing options. With these models you can adjust the height of the desk surface, so you can play your game while standing. If you’re can get used to gaming in a standing position, this is the most beneficial option regarding your health.

3. L-shaped Gaming Desk

As its name says, an L-shaped gaming computer desk is a desk in the shape of the letter “L”. These desks enable you to make the most of your space. You can place them in the corner of your room and they provide you with two separate stations. You can set up your gaming rig on one side and leave the space on the other for anything that may interfere with your game. Or, you can use the other side of the “L” as the workstation or entertainment center.

4. U-Shaped Gaming Desk

Similar to L-shaped ones, these get their name because they are in the shape of the letter “U”. They provide plenty of working surfaces and are perfect for a multi-monitor and ultra-wide setup. They are perhaps best suited for gamers with bigger rooms since they are pretty robust and occupy a lot of floor space.

5. Gaming Lap Desk

If you own a tricked-out gaming laptop, you’ll probably want to be able to use it and not be forced to sit at your desk. Lap desks enable you to do your gaming while sitting or lying down on your couch or sofa. They provide you with stability and enough room for your mouse to be able to remain competitive during online battles.

Before you go and buy what you feel is the best gaming desk for you, there are a few factors you should pay attention to. Some of them are universal and are common for all gamers, while some depend on your gaming style, preferred genre, hardware, and available space.

1. Material

One of the first things you should look at is what the desk is made of. The most common materials used in manufacturing gaming desks are wood, PVC, steel, and tempered glass. Wooden gaming desks are sturdy, stable, look professional, and are perfect if you also plan to use them for work purposes. But, they are also the heaviest. The tempered glass desks are, contrary to what you may think, very durable and, honestly, look fantastic. However, they may be a pain in the ass when it comes to cleaning. Steel and PVC desks probably offer the best of both worlds. They are stable, durable, and sturdy, but also light and easy to maintain.

2. Space

Choosing the desk that provides you with enough space mainly depends on what your gaming setup is going to be. If you plan to use multiple monitors and keep speakers on the table then you will certainly need a big gaming desk. You also want enough space for your mouse and keyboard. Desks with drop-down keyboard trays can save you some room in this regard. If your gaming rig is just a basic one-monitor setup, then you’ll probably be able to get buy with a small gaming desk. Especially if you do your gaming in a smaller room.

3. Additional Features

Although they’re not an absolute necessity, some bonus features will make your life much easier. A special monitor shelf will help you keep the display at the eye level and have multiple positive effects. Cup holders and headphone hooks will help you free up some space and feel more comfortable. Ac outlets, cable management features, and USB ports will save you from what we all hate the most – a pile of tangled wires and cables.

4. Shape and Size

We’ve already covered the most common shapes of computer desks. Be sure to carefully measure available space in your room before making the purchase, so you don’t find yourself with an otherwise perfect desk that doesn’t fit.

5. Frame Type

For long, the classic desk with four legs was a standard. Although simple and easy to assembled these desks didn’t offer much in terms of stability and sturdiness. Nowadays, most gaming desks have “X” or “Z” shaped frame. “X” frame offers a lot of stability but doesn’t look that good and limits the space outside your desk. “Z” shaped ones don’t have this kind of problems, and, in addition, look slick and modern.

6. Assembly

Most of the gaming desks arrive unassembled and it’s up to you to put them together. With some models, this can be a real hassle, especially if you possess no technical knowledge and experience. Usually, the more advanced the table is and the more extra features it has, it’s more difficult to assemble. Always closely follow the assembly instructions no matter what types of desk you buy. This way you won’t end up with extra bolts and screw that you have no idea where to put.

7. Price

Last, but most certainly not the least, the price is an important factor to consider. Although desks are not that expensive compared to other gaming gear, there’s still no need to overpay and purchase something you won’t ever use. The prices of best gaming desks can range from below a hundred bucks to several thousand. Estimate the time you will spend at the desk, the features that you will use, and how hard you will be on your desk. If you do some research you’ll e that for a couple of hundreds of dollars you can buy a good gaming desk that is suitable even for professional gamers.

Gaming Desk Setup

The first thing on your mind when setting up a gaming desk should be your comfortability and functionality. There are several decisions to be made in order to have a setup that will suit you the best. How to set up our audio equipment, where to place monitor, and how to position your mouse and keyboard among others. In the center of all these decisions is your gaming desk. You want an ergonomic and adjustable model that will allow you to feel most comfortable during sessions, have the display at the eye level and maintain perfect body posture. Also, you’ll probably want your gaming station to look as cool as possible.

So, finding the best gaming desk is essential. If you’re experiencing back problems, try one of the standing desks. In case that you have enough space, get an L-shaped desk. It will solve many of the space-related issues. Perhaps you’re using multiple monitors. Think about how you want them positioned. Side-by sid is the most common option, but you may wanna try mounting one of them on the wall above the desk. Just make sure that your primary monitor is always right in front of you. Placement of keyboard and mouse mainly depends on personal preference. Both gaming and health-wise. Some wrist support will help you play longer without feeling the tiredness and pain in your joints.

Playing for a long time can cause serious strain on your eyes, so consider the lighting around you. LEd gaming desk can provide you with additional options in their matter. If you’re streaming your game, it’s important that lighting in your room is perfect. When you’ve handled light, you need a sound. Audio setup mainly depends on how much of an audiophile you are. If you don’t care that much about the top-level audio experience, you’ll be able to get buy with just monitor speakers. If you prefer using headphones, make sure that the desk you choose has a hook on the side so they don’t occupy precious desk space while you’re not wearing them.

Best gaming desks

CubiCubi Computer Desk

Gaming Desk with Wooden Upper Surface

CubiCubi Computer Desk

With it’s simple and slick design, this desk will fit perfectly in a room of almost any style. Its made of metal frame and reliable MDF wooden board. There are triangular iron struts on the sides and adjustable leg pads that provide extra stability. Despite its slim and elegant outlook, this desk is surprisingly sturdy and will carry even the heaviest computers without too much trouble. Assembling instructions are simple and easy to understand and installation is quick and easy. On the right side, there’s a hook that is convenient for hanging your headphones. The opposite side has a storage bag, but from a gamer’s perspective, it can’t carry much more than just games. It would sure be nice to see some extra storage options or increased size of the existing bag. The main draw of this table is its’ versatility. Besides gaming, you can use it for studying, writing, or make it a part of your home office. All in all, CubiCubi’s desk is a solid and cheap option for casual gamers who don’t spend that much time playing or competing.


  • slick design
  • sturdy and stable
  • multi-purposeful
  • easy assembly
  • space-saver
  • affordable


  • lack of storage space for gamers
  • no cable management feature

Monarch Specialties Computer Desk

Best L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Monarch Specialties Computer Desk

With its “L” shape and 71″ length, this desk will provide all the space you need. There’s plenty of room for multi-monitor setup and all the additional gear you’ll want near you while gaming. Also, you’ll have a place to put drinks and snacks without making the surface feel overcrowded. This gaming L desk also features two storage drawers and one file drawer. It’s designed in a way that you can configure it to the left or to the right side to find the best fit for your room. U-shaped silver metal frame will give you plenty of legroom to stretch and feel comfortable during multi-hour gaming sessions. Dark taupe finish, besides smart looks, provides a good grip for all your gaming gear. Considerable weight and metal track legs add to stability and sturdiness.


  • attractive design
  • three drawers for storage space
  • smart design
  • can be assembled to face both to the left and to the right
  • plenty of surface space


  • somewhat complicated assembly
  • a bit heavy
  • lack of cable management options

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Best Ultrawide Gaming Desk

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

The best way to describe Arozzi’s gaming desk is – badass. 5.3 inches of width and over 2 feet of depth will satisfy all of your needs for the ultimate gaming experience. You’ll have no trouble fitting the triple-monitor setup and all of your peripherals. The desk surface acts like a mouse pad and is also water-resistant, an important feature knowing how easy it is to spill your drink during particularly intense sessions. The height is adjustable and the desk can be assembled in three easy steps. You can choose from five different colorways: black, red, green blue, and white. If you are also in the market for the best computer gaming chair, you can get them from Arozzi in a matching color. Using multiple monitors and extra equipment means that there are more cables to deal with. Luckily this table features three cable management cutouts.


  • water-resistant, microfiber mousepad surface
  • plenty of width and depth
  • simple assembly
  • multiple colorways
  • convenient cable management solution
  • solid and stable construction
  • adjustable


  • no additional storage
  • pricey

Coleshome Computer Desk

Budget-friendly and Versatile Gaming Computer Table

Coleshome Computer Desk

Coleshome is known for producing solid and simple desks of satisfaction that you can purchase without the need to break the bank. This 47″ model provides more than enough space for dual monitors, speakers, and all of the other gaming gear. Thick Metal legs and adjustable pads are there to make sure that the desk will stay stable even if you have an uneven floor. MDF-made surface is water and mold resistant. It also has anti-scratch features and is easy to clean. Its compact design will make it a good fit even in smaller rooms and you can use it for other purposes besides gaming.


  • simple and compact design
  • affordable
  • stable and adjustable
  • plenty of space
  • water and mold resistant anti-scratch surface
  • easy assembly


  • no cable management feature

Eureka Ergonomic Z60 Gaming Desk

Gaming Desk with RGB LED Lights

Eureka Ergonomic Z60 Gaming Desk

Z60 Eureka gaming desk is a large table that can easily support whatever gaming rig you’re running currently. It can also easily serve as a console gaming desk. The first thing you’ll notice about this desk is how cool it looks. Carbon fiber finish and dynamic RGB lights make it look like something that came out of the game you’re currently playing. But, Z60 is not only about looks. It’s extremely durable and can take a proper beating. Assembly is rather simple and the desktop comes in two parts so there’s a seam in the middle. Not that it will influence your performance much, but it can be annoying. The seam is covered by a mouse pad that provides a perfect grip and is water-resistant. The desk’s metal frame construction is very strong and can handle even the heaviest gaming setup.


  • cool design
  • durable, stable and sturdy
  • assembly is easy
  • carbon fiber mouse pad
  • a lot of space


  • expensive
  • no height adjustment
  • no storage space or cable management features

GreenForest L-Shaped Desk

A Cheap Desk for Multiple Monitors

GreenForest L-Shaped Desk

If you’re a less demanding gamer, but still like to have plenty of space and want to set up multiple monitors, then this GreenForest desk is perfect for you. It won’t hurt your budget a lot and you still get a versatile quality desk. Plenty of space enables you to stack different consoles instead of buying separate PS4 or Xbox gaming desks. The frame is very sturdy and easily carries all this weight. Due to its minimalistic and compact design, it can easily fit in the corner of your room, no matter how small it is. It has no additional storage space, but since there’s no crossbar there is plenty of room under it. It also provides a lot of legroom. The great design solution is making the middle part removable, so if needed you can turn it into two separate desks.


  • spacey and sturdy
  • you can turn it into two separate desks
  • great for smaller rooms
  • pretty cheap


  • lack of cable management feature
  • a bit complicated assembly

Sedeta Gaming Desk

Ergonomic Multi-Purpose Gaming Desk with Plenty of Features

Sedeta Gaming Desk

What distinguishes Sedeta gaming computer desk form similar products is plenty of add-on features. At the back of the desk, there’s a monitor shelf where you can place your screen for an easy and comfortable view. On the sides, you’ll find a cup holder and headphone hook. Power strip containing three outlets and duals USB port makes it easy to handle all of the necessary wirings of your gaming rig. The extra bottom shelf and broad desktop will help you fit all of your gaming gear. E1 MDF surface and tube frame made of coated steel guarantee durability and sturdiness which is confirmed by a three-year warranty. This smooth and stain-resistant surface is very easy to clean.


  • a lot of add-on features
  • suitable for PC, laptop, PS, and Xbox
  • durable
  • great cable management solutions
  • easy to maintain
  • spacious


  • not so easy to assemble
  • not perfect for a multi-monitor setup

Yigobuy 45″ Computer Gaming Desk

Smart Looking Gaming Desk with Extra Features

Yigobuy 45" Computer Gaming Desk

With its 45.3 x 27.6″ desktop measurements Yigoby’s desk provides apple space for all your gaming needs. It can easily fit two monitors, speakers and other equipment, and anything else you may need on the table while gaming. The carbon fiber surface provides durability, water-resistance, and a good grip for your mouse. Z–shaped legs are responsible for stability, but also for reduced weight making it easy to manipulate around the room. Yigobys also features a cup holder, headphone hook, and a controller stand. The integrated USB port makes it possible to charge your phone or controller while c=keeping them close during gaming sessions. “Victory” written on the side of the legs is a nice touch.


  • water-resistant carbon fiber surface
  • USB ports, and other extra features
  • spacious
  • reasonably priced
  • stable


  • there’s no monitor mount
  • only 12 months of warranty

Yigobuy 55″ Computer Gaming Desk

Large Gaming Desk for All Your Gaming Needs

Yigobuy 55" Computer Gaming Desk

Another desk fro Yigobuy on our list, this one is even larger and has a couple more features. The most obvious difference from 45″ version, besides size, is a monitor shelf that enables you to keep you monitor (or two of them) at the eye level reducing your overall fatigue. Besides the cup holder, headphone hook, and USB port, this model features cable grommets and a patch panel storage box. It just adds to the desk’s versatility enabling you to also use ith as a perfect workstation. Metal Z-shaped legs and MDF PVC surface will easily handle weight up to 220 lbs.


  • huge operating space
  • monitor shelf
  • a small price for a desk of this size and quality
  • heavy-duty frame
  • great wire management system


  • it may take some time to assemble
  • rather heavy

Tangkula 48″ Gaming Desk

Simply Designed Gaming Table

Tangkula 48" Gaming Desk

With its 48″ size, Tanguls’s gaming desk is not the biggest out there, but they manage to squeeze enough features to make gaming on this desk a comfortable experience. It has everything you may need for cozy gaming – monitor shelf, cup holder, headphone hook, 3 AC outlets, and 2 USB ports. Fiberboard desktop with fiber PVC surface is very easy to clean and maintain. The coated steel frame provides sturdiness and stability. Compact design still provides enough space for a two-monitor setup. Also, you can easily place your console under the monitor shelf.


  • smart design with plenty of useful features
  • sturdy construction
  • easy to maintain
  • versatile


  • assembly can be a bit of a hassle


What's the Difference Between the Gaming Desk and Regular Desk?

As its name says, a gaming desk is primarily intended for gaming. That means that space usually occupied by storage drawers or shelves is used for gaming purposes. The whole design of the gaming desk is entered on a gaming rig with additional features to make the gaming experience more comfortable.

Will a Specialized Gaming Desk Improve My Gaming Experience?

Well, this mainly depends on what type of gamer you are and the type of desk you already own. You will certainly feel more comfortable and have more hassle-free gaming experience.

What Influences the Durability of a Gaming Desk?

Several factors are important when we talk about how long a gaming table will serve you. First of all, the material the table is made of. Second, the hours spend gaming and the usage level. And, finally and most importantly, the culture and behavior of gamers themselves. The average gaming table las for a very long time if you properly maintain it and take proper care.

What Is the Perfect Height for a Gaming Desk?

Perfect height depends on a gamer. Gaming desks are commonly 28-30 inches tall, which should suit an average person. Since the height of the desks influences your posture and therefore your health, make sure that you find the desk that suits you perfectly. When sitting your heads should float above the keyboard while your arms are level with the floor. Holding your hands at an excessive angle for an extended period of time can cause serious health problems. You may consider purchasing one of the desks with adjustable height or use your chair to get in a perfect position.

How do I Know That My Desk Will Hold the Weight of My Gaming Rig?

The usual weight of a gaming rig doesn’t exceed 150 lbs, which is something that most of the desks will carry with no problem. However, we recommend that you get the table that is over this capacity, maybe 200 or 250 lbs. Firstly, better safe than sorry, and secondly, you don’t know how your rig is going to change through the years and you don’t want to go shopping for a new desk every time you add some new gear to your setup.

Final Thought

If you want to get your game up to the full potential you’ll need the right equipment. And the core of gaming equipment is a gaming desk. Remember, the best gaming desk is the one that’s the best for you. Carefully consider your needs and do your research before deciding on which desk you’re gonna buy. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Finding the perfect desk will save you money, preserve your health, and improve your gaming experience.

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