Best Comfortable Gaming Desks for 2020 – Review [Meet Gamers Needs]

Many gamers reveal that they have considerable difficulty achieving optimal results with their gaming sessions if they don’t feel comfortable.

So we realized that a great gaming desk is really important for the gamers. Like the gaming chairs, the gaming desk also comes with many different prices, designs, materials, ergonomics,…which makes the gamers confused when choosing the best gaming desks. So this article is all that you need.

In this guide, we will help you find the best desks for 2019 which will give you comfortable gaming experiences regardless of your budget.

Here are the 10 best gaming desks you should consider 

1. Atlantic Gaming Computer Desk

The Atlantic Gaming Computer Desk has headed our best gaming desks list. It comes with both the affordable price and great features.

Atlantic Gaming Computer Desk

Key Features

  • Weight: 43.6 pounds
  • Monitor stands hold up to 40 lbs
  • A charging station with a power strip holder
  • Convenient headset hanging rack and drink holder

The Atlantic manufacturer always penetrates the expectations of gamers for a cheap and solid gaming desk. So, the Atlantic gaming computer desk is designed to meet gamers needs.

With sturdy legs, this gaming desk will allow you to comfortably experience games without wobble, even if this desk is put on hardwood, carpet or plastic mats.

Its monitor stand can hold up to 40lbs and it provides a large room for your monitor, laptop, PC,…

Also, this gaming desk includes a charging stand for your smartphone, tablet,… and wire racks to hold your cup and hang your headphones. This is an outstanding strength that makes it more convenient compared to other gaming desks.


  • Reasonable Price
  • Keeps your legs in a stable position


  • Inconveniently open or close wire drawer/undercarriage sticks


2. Atlantic Pro Gaming Desk

The Atlantic Pro Gaming Desk is another product from the Atlantic brand we want to recommend to you.

Atlantic Pro Gaming Desk

Key Features

  • Weight: 42.6 pounds
  • Elevated shelf supports up to 32 inches monitor
  • A charging stand for smartphone and tablet included
  • Drink holder racks included

Like the Atlantic Gaming Computer Desk, this product also has a drink holder wire rack. It is most likely that this is their base model. Apart from that, it comes with game case holders that you can easily use.

With this desk. it takes you about half a second to assemble. You will take a while to find the proper position to set this gaming desk without wobbling. The cross-leg design is really the weakest point of this desk.


  • Cheap price
  • Easy to set up


  • Inconvenient cross-leg design


3. Need Computer and Writing Gaming Desk

The Need Computer and Writing Gaming Desk will catch your eyes with its glossy design.

Need Computer and Writing Gaming Desk

Key Features

  • Weight: 45 pounds
  • Efficient waterproof design
  • Solid construction
  • Large surface to fit a triple monitor display with keyboard and mouse room

This desk has the most solid build on our best gaming desk list with glossy finishing paint and absolutely waterproof feature.

Besides, you will have enough space to fit three 21.5 inches monitors along with your mouse and keyboard if you use a gaming PC rig, all very comfortably.

This desk does not come with exterior drink holders that may make many gamers unsatisfied.


  • Easy to construct
  • Large surface and solid construction without wobbling


  • Quite expensive compared to other desks
  • The metal frame can endanger

4. AmazonBasics Three Piece Glass Gaming Desk

The AmazonBasics Three Piece Glass Gaming Desk is a product from the Amazon manufacture which makes us impressed with the best warranty and customer service.

This desk comes with sturdy construction and has pretty weighty. It has a smooth surface with black tempered safety glass. However, glass is quite difficult over time.

This desk comes with an underside rack which is useful for you to store your cables. It will make your desk look tidy and professional.

Especially, if you want to set up for two peoples, you can separate into two desks. This is really an ideal desk if you and your friend want to play games together.

About the weakness, this desk has crossbeams underneath which will make your feet really inconvenient. That design will make your feet be caught and hurt instead of acting as a good resting place for them.

AmazonBasics Three Piece Glass Gaming Desk

Key Features

  • Weight: 67.7 pounds
  • A 3-piece modular desk can be separated into 2 desks
  • Smooth surface with black tempered safety glass
  • A drawer for storage


  • Cheap price
  • Amazon’s guarantee with the best customer service


  • Easy to get your legs caught in the multiple metal poles


5. ApexDesk Elite Series

The ApexDesk Elite Series are gaming desks that are suitable for any gamers.

ApexDesk Elite Series

Key Features

  • Weight: 160 pounds
  • Electric height adjustable desk
  • Rubber bottom grips to keep stable without scratching
  • Ideal design for both standing and sitting

Unlike other gaming desks, the ApexDesk Elite comes with the electronic controller to adjust the height according to your needs. It is suitable for any of your gaming chairs or additional setups.

It takes a short time to assemble this desk, about 15 or 20 minutes if you focus your attention on it. You can experience this compact and sturdy gaming desk comfortably with a large and waterproof surface. Also, you can fit two and more 24 inches screens up there without worrying anything thanks to the loading capacity of up to 176lbs.

It has the dual cable conduits to help you arrange them in order. It is really important that you can have an ideal space to comfortably play games by yourself or with friends.

This desk is more expensive compared to other gaming desks on our list but it will give you more bang for the buck if you get it, actually.


  • Includes 2 dedicated cable conduits
  • Easy to assemble in a short time


  • Quite expensive
  • Quite weighty


6. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is a perfect gaming desk for gamers who like simple and compact designs.

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Key Features

  • Weight: 85.5 pounds
  • Simple ergonomic design
  • Super solid construction
  • A microfiber cloth surface and water-resistant
  • Desktop load capacity is up to 176lbs

With this desk, you can arrange your cables in the management conduit. It always gives you a tidy space to comfortably experiencing games because most gamers do not like the messy, surely.

Apart from that, you can be assured about its sturdiness with desktop load capacity which is up to 176lbs.

This desk allows you to put three and more along with your keypad, keyboard, and mouse with larger surface space than many other gaming desks.

It also comes with the height controller to help you customize the different positions according to your needs. Maybe, this is a reason that makes it dominant than other gaming desks.


  • Large and waterproof surface
  • Compact design


  • Quite expensive

7. DX Racer Newedge Edition Gaming Altar

The DX Racer Newedge Edition Gaming Altar as the name says it looks like an altar for gaming.

DX Racer Newedge Edition Gaming Altar

Key Features

  • Weight: 70 pounds
  • High-quality ABS wooden desk board with steel rod frame
  • Sturdy construction
  • 360 degrees rotatable

This desk has an ergonomic cut that makes it easy for  you to lean your arm or wrists. It comes with a steel rod fabric along with a solid ABS wooden board which is a durable and quality material. You can be assured about the load capacity of this desk regardless of exceeding the weight limits.

It takes for a while to assemble this desk which is 70 pounds but you are surely satisfied after completing this build. With this gaming desk, you can swivel your desk 360 degrees and have a useful wire management conduit to remove the muddle.


  • High-quality material
  • You can comfortably rest your arms


  • High price
  • Long assembly time


8. Turismo Facing Autodromo Desk

The Turismo Facing Autodromo Desk is supposed that is the main opponent of the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk.

Key Features

  • Weight: 76.5 pounds
  • A sturdy steel chassis
  • Supports three widescreen monitors
  • Mouse pad is integrated on the surface
  • Comes with LED lighting to protect your eyes

The strong point of this desk is more dominant than the Arozz. Equipped with an LED light that you can choose your favorite colors, this gaming desk will allow you to experience games in the darkroom without eye confusing.

However, you should be extremely careful with any liquids because this desk does not come with waterproof function. So the LED light is easy to damage if you spill the drink over the desk.

This sturdy desk is quickly easy to assemble to use but it takes quite a while to set up the monitors and the cables. It is a pity that this desk does not have adjustable function. But it integrates a handy mousepad and its loading capacity is really big. You can put your 3 monitors without worrying.

At this price, we realize that it is a really great gaming desk you should consider.


  • Solid build
  • Dedicated cable management conduit
  • Easy to assemble


  • No adjustable height
  • No waterproof


9. Modrine Ergonomic Gaming Table

The Modrine Ergonomic Gaming Table is a waste of money for gamers but it still has fully essential features.

Modrine Ergonomic Gaming Table

Key Features

  • Weight: 64 pounds
  • Integrated LED light strips
  • Rubber casters
  • Solid steel build

This desk has also a specialized cable management conduit to arrange all your cables in order like most gaming desks on our list. With the steel fabric, this desk looks like absolutely durable and sturdy block without wobbling. Especially, its loading capacity is up to 88lbs, that is impressive!

We also mention some of its weaknesses to get those out of the way. Firstly, this back desk is made of the PU leather which is undurable and easy to damage. But if you are careful during using time, this will not matter, actually.


  • Dedicated cable management conduit
  • Load capacity is up to 880 lbs


  • PU leatherback is not durable


10. Zinus Port Computer Desk and Workstation Combination

The Zinus Port Computer Desk and Workstation Combination really makes us impressed with the different and professional design.

Zinus Port Computer Desk and Workstation Combination

Key Features

  • Weight: 41 pounds
  • Solid steel frame
  • Integrated utility tray

Unlike the other gaming desks on our list, this desk has a utility side storage area to keep any things you want such as your charger, controller when not in use.

This desk also comes with a cable conduit to manage all your cables and give you a tidy space. But this feature of this desk is not great because it is only a handle that you feed your wire cables through.

You can use a specialized monitor stand which allows you to flexibly move it around the surface according to your different position.

You can easily set up this desk because it is quite weighty. This desk also provides you a great experience if you place it in a proper position.


  • Great price
  • Easy to assemble


  • Only has a year warranty


Choosing the best gaming desk will depend on your personal preference. You want the desk that has a clear and glossy surface, be able to save your room space or you want to the desk having many utilities such as electronic controller, drink holder or headset rack…

After referring to our article above, you might choose the best gaming desk which meets all your needs. Please don’t hesitate to leave your comment below, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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