Amazing ways how gamers can full their pocket with extra money

Now, who doesn’t love playing games! There is a whole new realm that awaits when you play games- doing things that you might not ever be able to do in the real world, getting random thrills while playing the games, getting relaxed, and reducing your anxiety levels. There are numerous reasons why many people love playing video games. Today, there are many people who have even taken it as their source to earn money and have established themselves as professional gamers. 

Thus, if you too are a gaming lover who likes to spend a good amount of your free time in this virtual world, then why not opt for it as a career and start making money. Yes, you heard it right! The thing that give you immense joy, fun, and chill can also fill your pocket only if you know how to do it. Here, in this blog, we have mentioned different ways of how you can earn good money while playing video games. So, let us get started. 

1. Live streaming 

The best way to earn money from gaming is to steam your game live on popular online video platforms like YouTube or Twitch where you can easily make money. Well, you could also upload your recorded gaming videos, but most of the twitch viewers prefer live streaming videos. The more views on your videos, the more money you will be making. You can also put affiliate links on your videos for the game that you are playing and you can get donations from your viewers. 

Well, you might need top-quality equipment and various software and tools to stream your gaming videos live. This might cost you a significant amount of money, so if you are out of funds, then you could take a quick loan from a direct lender that you could with no guarantor or without any broker involvement and pay the debt after you have earned a good well from your streams. 

2. Writing blogs on games

Well, as you like playing video games so much, why not create blogs for the latest and popular games that you play and give your review? As more readers will visit your blog site, your online presence will keep on increasing and many companies will start providing you sponsorship. You can even use your blog space to promote other brand's products. However, while promoting other brands, make sure that the product or service that you are putting on your website is somehow relevant to your gaming niche. 

3. Becoming a beta tester 

There are many game developing companies in the market that hire professional gamers for beta testing, where you will have to test the game and give your feedback. The company after getting the feedback will work on improving the quality of the game and make some necessary changes. It is also possible that while playing the game you might encounter glitch/s for which the company will pay if you find any flaws or glitches so that it can be removed before even the game hits the market. 

4. Participating in gaming tournaments 

If you are really that good at gaming, then you could also participate in gaming tournaments where you will get the prize money after winning. There are many global gaming franchises such as PUBG, Call of Duty, FIFA, and others that organize gaming events at an international level where players across the world participate. So, winning or even qualifying till the top position can help you get good money and will also give you huge fame in the gaming community that will be very beneficial for your career. 

Wrapping up, these were the major ideas of how you can earn good money from gaming provided that you give a good amount of time in learning things as well.


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Cade Metz
Cade Metz
Cate Metz is not only a gamer but also a specialist in Technology and Computer hardware. He often writes about the choices of gaming PCs and accessories which are dependent on your budget.