7 online games that relax your brain cells

When someone talks about gaming, one of the images that many adults get in their heads is something extraordinarily violent. Sure, they may even be right but to a certain extent. Shooting games have been a mainstay in the video games industry for several decades now. However, they aren’t the only kind of games there are.

When your busy schedule or life has your head spinning, you can play a game or two to relax. If violent escapism isn’t your thing, then you may want to look for games that offer a more sedate experience.

To that end, we have selected a few online games that relax your brain cells. Not only will they help you find inner peace – at least, until it is time for your next project or appointment or task – these games will also keep your wits sharp and ready to go!

1. Flow

If you consider eerie to be right up there with calming, then Flow is your game. You begin it in the form of a minuscule organism. It just has a mouth and torso that you can see. You’ll be immersed along with many of your compatriots who are also blue and consume gloop to stay alive. Beware though, since they may like taking a bite out of you at times!

However, as you keep chomping, you will discover that your gastronomical habits affect your anatomy! You could increase in size, sprout legs, get other additional appendages, and so on. The result will make you capable of chasing a larger quarry.

The music is pleasing to the ears, and the game’s design is simple enough to be charming.

2. Left vs. Right

This game can go on and seem almost endless since it has about 50 games that are divided into six categories. The best thing about is that as its name suggests, is that it allows exercising your brain – both sides of it. You may begin playing four matches that will force you to think as part of your daily exercise.

Some of them will involve memorization of a list of items and then recalling it. Others will require you to isolate the fastest moving shape and tap on it. You won’t just be having fun. The game makes you exercise your reflexes and memory!

Left vs. Right

3. Monument Valley

study showed that when plagued with work-related fatigue, playing video games brings relief from the stress! The researchers may have been talking about this game in particular. Monument Valley is a puzzle game that pleases the eye since it resembles M.C. Escher’s optical illusion paintings.

You’ll find that your job is navigating the puzzles while being serenaded by the game’s soothing music. When you make a correct move, you’ll also hear a charmingly gentle beep. Each level is another bucket of fun to solve!

4. Lumosity

If you’re looking for the most well-developed game that combines mental fitness and brain training into one match, this is it! Once you sign up, you may play three games daily. Choose to subscribe, and you can play more. Whether you use the first option or not, you can keep track of your results and enjoy how much you improve as you keep playing.

Lumosity does train your brain so that your scores will get better if you keep challenging it. The most important thing is that all the activities and tests you take in this game are backed by science. A version of the app is available for both operating systems.


5. Dragon Quest Builders

When you look at this game for the first time, you may scoff. You might even say that this doesn’t also look original. And we’d agree with you. So, why did we put it on our list, you ask? Well, that’s only because it will tick all the right gaming boxes for almost everybody. You’ll feel a vibe that is similar to the conventional classics, like Minecraft, The Legend of Zelda, and Dragon Quest. If nothing else, the similarity will make this experience both familiar and reassuring.

What you’ll need to do is build multiple towns and then go about protecting the villagers who move into them. You may also choose to wander and explore the map, as well. But that’s up to you. The latter option is best for people who like to play in a carefree manner. That is why it is also all the more relaxing. However, if you like testing your gaming mettle, then choose the first option. It allows you to get into boss fights and fetch quests. Get the full experience with these great sets of headphones.

6. Hero’s Journey

You must already be familiar with the treasure trove that is Unlimited Gamez Mo. Check it out if you aren’t because, in exchange for a small fee, this site offers you games upon games to play. In this particular one, you are the titular handsome young hero. With each adversity you conquer – yes, it involves some hacking and slashing – you line your packet with gold. Once you have enough coin, go for a powerup and then keep playing for more!

7. Stardew Valley

When people ask you to chill, they don’t mean it literally. However, Stardew Valley takes relaxing much more seriously. It offers its players a mental escape in the presence of a natural chill-out! You enter the game as a burned-out city worker. All you want is to get away from the big smoky city and never look back. Surprise! Your grandfather’s farm plot awaits you on the rural southern coast. So, you pack your metaphorical bags and head on over.

There, you find all kinds of exciting tasks waiting for you. But trust us, you will have a good time performing them!

Who says there aren’t enough relaxing games? We sure don’t, and after reading this list, you won’t be able to say so either. We have selected ones that allow you to unwind while pressing pause on life. Live a little, won’t you?

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